14 February 2019

Harmony RightAddress utilising the (G-NAF) Source of Truth now includes SEIFA indices to deliver powerful socio-demographic insights

Harmony RightAddress (G-NAF) Source of Truth now appends the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to enhance the value of your customer address by delivering rich socio-economic insights about your customer. What is G-NAF? Using the Geographical National Address File (G-NAF) geospatial data from PSMA, Harmony RightAddress brings […]

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1 May 2017

Using Addresses as The Gateway to Spatial Customer Analysis

A person’s address is a fundamental part of their identity, and accurate addresses are one of the most valuable pieces of customer data your organisation can obtain. For the effective delivery of all manner of services, it’s the first piece of information on the road to understanding your customers. The address itself is important, but once […]

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