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Dedicated to delivering
cutting edge customer
address services and solutions

What we do

Dedicated to delivering and implementing cutting-edge customer address services and solutions

Mastersoft, the company behind Harmony RightAddress, is part of GBG, the global identity data intelligence specialist. To learn more about GBG visit

Mastersoft has been a leading provider of data quality and address validation software services to blue-chip companies and governments agencies across Australia and New Zealand for over 35 years.

Our expertise in customer master data has been built by working with clients in a wide range of industry sectors such as finance, insurance, superannuation and government.

We have designed and developed reasoning-based technologies that provide powerful cleansing validation and matching services. These outcomes deliver accurate quality customer data for use in critical business applications and decision making.

Many of our projects focus on delivering foundational data quality services to support and manage:

  • Single Customer View (SCV)
  • Relationship marketing
  • Data warehousing
  • Spatial analysis
  • Skip tracing
  • Golden Leads for contact / call centres
  • Anti- Money Laundering (AML)
  • Know your Customer (KYC)
  • Identify Theft


35 years' expertise combined with world-class technology

Mastersoft’s expertise in customer master data has been built over two decades of partnering with leading industry organisations and government agencies. Our customers have benefited from our team’s vast combined industry and software experience in data quality and address validation software services that deliver tangible business outcomes.

Today, we process data for blue-chip organisations and government agencies who are the largest users and holders of customer data address in Australia and New Zealand.

Mastersoft has the software, services and expertise to help you take control of your data and foster productive relationships with your customers.

Our services can be integrated with a variety of client applications and platforms; viz: CRM platforms, Ecommerce platforms, Internet, Mobile applications and on-boarding platforms, such as Banking, Lending or Mortgage and Government specific platforms.

We are passionate about assisting businesses to increase the value of their customer data assets by transforming them into knowledge and real competitive advantage at the point of action.

%commitment to continuous improvement

Years designing and developing software

%Service uptime

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Our environmental commitment

For all management decisions we are committed to best environmental practice from
general procurement to investing in energy efficient technology.

And working with our customers, suppliers and partners, we strive to minimise our
environmental footprint by managing our physical consumption of resources – water, paper
and energy – and to reduce business travel where possible.

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