Meet our team

The Mastersoft team is committed to delivering excellence in customer data management to our customers.
Between us, we share expertise in information management, architecture and solutions, software development and business intelligence.

James Smith

Chief Executive Officer (Australia / New Zealand)

With a background in retail credit and risk, James has a deep appreciation for the true value of ‘knowing your customer’. It’s with this knowledge that he drives Mastersoft’s focus on delivering business value to our clients.
James loves leading the Mastersoft team and integrating their skills and tools with other parts of the business.

Edward Slack

Chief Financial Officer (Global)

Edward is a highly regarded commercial and operational Chief Financial Officer with 30 years C-Level commercial experience with global organisations. Edward is an FCA, and holds an INSEAD MBA with distinction. He is responsible for financial management and contract and administrative services for the Mastersoft Group.

Rick Clark

General Manager, Professional Services and Product Development

For more than four decades, Rick has specialised in the information sector, working across many industries in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.

In the past 10 years, he has focused on the development of business and technical architecture for customer and relationship management, working within CRM, frequency marketing, value/risk classification, customer segmentation, business intelligence, campaign management and marketing analytics.

Shirley Jackson

Sales and Marketing Manager

For over 25 years, Shirley has delivered value-based outcomes though Cloud/SaaS software solutions. As the head of sales at Mastersoft, she passionately creates and delivers game changing solutions that enable organisations to transform their relationship with their customers, partners and providers – helping them deliver personalised interactions based on each individual relationship.

Engramar Bollas

Head of Customer Support and Testing

Having worked in Asia, the Middle East and Australia in banking and software development, Engramar has deep expertise in all aspects of software development lifecycle management including test management, systems analysis and product release management.

He is passionate about continuously improving Mastersoft products and is focused on delivering the best possible service to our clients, with superior quality products, without impacting time to market.

Chao Wang

Head of Product Development

Chao leads our development team, responsible for Mastersoft’s products. The team is focused on developing new technologies, products and delivering continuous improvement for the entire Mastersoft catalogue.

Under Chao’s direction, the highly skilled and enthusiastic team are always looking to push the boundaries for innovation, performance and reliability.

Fredrick John

Marketing Specialist

With over 18 years’ experience in tech-savvy and customer-centric businesses, Fredrick has launched brands, implemented digital campaigns and enhanced customer journeys across diverse sectors such as financial services, information technology, education and public service.

At Mastersoft, he is responsible for brand development, digital and social media marketing, and public relations

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