Address Validation For Web

The next generation tool for address validation

Harmony address validation for the web means your customers will enjoy real-time address validation when they visit you online. They will love it because it saves them time inputting their address – and you will love it because it means you have complete and accurate address information, every time.

How does this help your business?

  • Reduce postal costs
  • Improve front and back office productivity
  • Provide an intuitive online experience.

Best of all, our cloud-based service makes it easy. It integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and costs are charged on a per-transaction basis – so you only pay for what you use.


  • Address completion as you type and spelling corrections.
    • Start anywhere – street name or number, suburb or postcode.
    • Standardises terms and misspelt words
    • Provides synonym, bordering and alternate street searches
  • Easy setup with simple JavaScripts to bind into screens and portals
  • Real-time validation of addresses with minimal keystrokes
  • Flexible to work across any environment to return a complete and correct address record with a Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) and barcode.
  • Postage discounts using mailing barcodes
  • Reliable with 99.95% uptime hosted by Amazon Web Services


  • Reduction in time spent onboarding customers
  • Less likelihood of customer churn or abandonment during onboarding process
  • Enhanced customer experience and service
  • High speed validation of addresses as they are entered on websites; form completion or mobile applications.
  • Efficient and accurate mailing services
  • Seamless and consistent views of customer details from all touch points (call centre, web transactions, branch network, remote computing).
  • Cost savings due to reduction in manual rework of incorrect addresses
  • Accuracy of address database for back office system
  • Postage discounts from mailing barcodes
  • Reduce costs of wasted and returned marketing material
  • Better front-end office productivity with fewer keystrokes and typing errors


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