Bulk Address Validation

To give your address data a spring-clean

Inaccurate address data is the biggest problem when it comes to understanding your customers and delivering effective communications to your customers. To keep accurate and up to date address data, our bulk address validation can certify your mail addresses for bulk mail discounts.

Using Postal Address Files it adds data such as Delivery Point Identifier (DPID), barcodes and mail sort plans.

This service is provided as a one-off bulk clean up prior to data migration, CRM replacement program or transformation program. The service can also be provided as an ongoing scheduled cleansing service and is accredited under Australia Post’s AMAS program in Australia and New Zealand Post’s Sendright program.


  • Post office accredited to ensure accurate delivery addresses
  • Supports accurate segmentation and house holding
  • Reduces returned mail batch and real-time processing
  • AMAS and Sendright certification of bulk mail lodgements
  • Geocoded addresses (New Zealand)


  • Enables organisations to baseline their historical data to ensure there is no degradation of new data entered into the database or back end system
  • Great for location workflow like hazard risk assessment, property valuation and customer onboarding
  • Address mastering and management for data migration and data integration projects
  • Foundational necessity for programs such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance
  • Bulk mail lodgements


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