Geocoding and Geospatial Data

Bring your customers into the geospatial world

With geocoding you can tag customer-entered addresses with accurate spatial coordinates (latitude and longitude) regardless of spelling, presentation or other discrepancies. Using the Geographical National Address File (G-NAF) geospatial data, our service assigns the most accurate geocode possible to your address.

This information can be used to view your customers' addresses spatially and establish spatial relationships between them. Harmony RightAddress also uses the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) dataset provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, to determine socio-economic information about a given address.

This is ideal for:

  • Finding individuals who are constantly on the move
  • Location-based applications and devices for account and territory management and routing
  • Disaster support and assessment
  • Insurance risk, property valuation, credit and mortgage assessments
  • Gaining deep customer insights with socio-economic data


  • Returns accurate physical addresses
  • Appends ASGS (Australian Statistical Geography Standard) and SEIFA (Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas) attributes for validated address
  • Allows for location based applications and services for:
    • Managing government schemes and policies
    • Mortgage loan assessment
    • Real time insurance premium calculations
    • Health and trauma research
  • Batch and real time processing
  • Prepares addresses for interactive mapping and GIS applications


  • Prepare addresses for mapping and spatial applications
  • SEIFA can assist with consumer research, marketing and strategic planning
  • Identifying trends and hot spots
  • Understanding location-based attributes:
    • Socio-demographics
    • Hazard risk
    • Employment, and more.
  • Geocoding available for Australian and New Zealand addresses


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